Business Branding

Branding Unique-ability,


I use my unique, ability, to brand your unique ability.

So, if you would like a different perspective on how to brand your business, then you have come to the right place!

Branding packages


If you are a Do It Yourself person and would love to go through my unique and creative branding exercises, you may do so at y our own leisure.

I have multiple packages to choose from.

The Art and Science of Branding is one where I help take the mystery out of. My way is a very easeful way that helps people create their own BRAND identity.

Some people do not know where to start, and I help them have a way. They get to achieve their branding message and identity in a very short timeframe, without paying the big bucks. 

I have taken many years of branding and marketing, courses, webinars, seminars, business courses and groups and have compiled my own culmination of all of my learnings into these sessions. 

Branding Sessions


If you would like to go through personalized, and customized branding sessions, I will tailor each session to your unique needs, where you are at.

Each client is different and unique to where they are, what they do and where they want to go.

I take items from my toolkit and apply it with each client.

If you prefer 1 hour time frames, 2 hour or 3 hours times, we can work with your schedule.

Sky is the limit with how creative we can get.


This is what Marcie Harrison had to say....

Working with Janice Cyrenne to create my brand has been an empowering experience that combined business knowledge with a lot of personal discovery. 

Janice has a great skill set and a lot of different techniques that helped me get very clear about what I have to offer, what types of clients I want to connect with, and how to take the next step from where I am to where I am going.

She also helped me to understand how I move through the world and what motivates me. In turn, she also taught me how to understand the same things about my clients. I have found this information so helpful in my coaching practice and in the workshops I teach.

Janice took the time to get to know me and then followed my lead to gently guide me along. I really like that she didn’t try and rush me, didn’t get offended if I needed to slow down or change something, and she didn’t try and make me fit some standard model and schedule.

Because of her individualized and collaborative approach, Janice was able to design a logo for me that I just couldn’t stop looking at because it felt so me! From there, Janice designed some great promotional material for me and gave me valuable guidance and feedback while I designed my website.

I continue to meet with Janice on a regular basis as I grow my business and my following. I love that she just gets me and what I am all about!! I love her ability to think outside the box. And I really appreciate the clarity and confidence I always find during my sessions with her, and the growth in my business that I am experiencing.

I am so glad a friend recommended Janice Cyrenne to me. She has made the process of growing my business easy, enlightening and so enjoyable!

Marcie Harrison

Learning to enjoy the journey

Workshop leader/life coach/inspirational speaker