The Art and Science of Business Intelligence!


I am here to help support you in your business. Whether you are considering starting your own business and would like the business coaching support, or have started and require branding such as logo, business cards, or marketing such as website, email marketing and social media. 

I offer full business services. 

I am all about Supporting Businesses

Business Intelligence Support


Since 2001 I am grateful to have been supported by my family, friends and colleagues to continue to operate my business. I continue to enhance my skillset to stay current and am passionate about supporting people in business. 

I am honored to have been the First Certified Professional Secretary in Brandon in 1996 and was supported by Simplot Canada Limited (Now Koch Fertilizer) to obtain that designation.

I currently type over 100 words per minute and am very passionate about business. This skillset offers my clients efficiency and more value.

If you are a home based business, small business or corporation that requires business support, I offer full business services. Whether you are considering starting a business, starting a business, or have been in business for a while and need to re-brand or re-market I am here to help you.

I offer soft skills training and coaching to help you determine your skillset, services, and prioritize your branding and marketing. I will work with you to register your business name to launching your website and everything in between!

Branding sessions are very unique and my clients value them immensely. Marketing services are full range including logo, website design, email marketing, meta tag enhancement, search engine marketing, QR codes, LAB profiles, graphic image design, social media, google adwords, hashtag generators, to business intelligence sessions to take your business to the next level.

I also offer a complete Marketing Consulting Report analysis of your business and the steps that you can take in order to grow your business over a 5 year period.

I look forward to working with you to help you enhance your business so you can do more of what you love to do!



Some of my Business Intelligence Services that I offer...

Virtual Office


Services include, client lists, typing, reports, PowerPoint presentations, letterhead, envelope design, business cards, invoicing, spreadsheeting to name a few.



I offer very unique branding sessions. If you need to have your business stand out in your field and industry, consider these branding sessions. These include what your innovation is, your niche, your email signature, networking, how to build your community, benefits you are offering your clients, and we finish the session with your successful and completed and polished 30 Second Elevator Speech!

Internet Marketing


These services include website design, logo design, search engine marketing, meta tag enhancement, graphic design, social media, email marketing, business cards, posters, brochures, banner image graphic design, google adwords, hashtag generators. I am also very familiar with Godaddy products and can register your domain name and set up your email account and more.

More Services

Logo Design

Janice Cyrenne Logo Design

Your logo is your foundation piece to branding your business. Stand out with that right look and feel for your business!

Whether you want initials, 3D, abstract, business name only, or a symbol, let our creative department design your next logo!

Social Media


Are you looking to get the word out about your business. Consider getting out on social media and connect with your clients and inform them of your products and services! I create and send out engaging content and meaningful banner images to communicate your business!

Email Marketing


I am helping clients be more resourceful in how and what we use email marketing for in todays day and age.

How to, care of, tips, techniques, engaging content, generating leads, communicate your product, services, stay connected with your clients, build your audience, share, educate and inform.

Coupons, specials, upcoming events, sales, grand openings, cross sell, upsell, bundle packaging and more. Call to discuss your email marketing needs. Ideas are always flowing!

More Business Services

Web Design


100% of my most recent clients have choosen to go with the very robust Website Builder Templates from Godaddy. They are professionally pre-designed  website templates that allow me to design sites in as little as 1 hour. They offer social media linking, SEO features, includes web hosting, 300 templates to choose from, stock photos are included, unlimited pages, and can publish with the push of a button instantly!

Search Engine Marketing


Have you informed that Search Engines that your site is now on the internet? Let them know that your url is out there. 

They will then send their "electronic robots" to your site and gather your url, page titles, page descriptions and meta tag keywords. They will place this on their databases so when someone types in your keyword, that is how they display YOUR site.! Help your clients find you easier! Get listed on the search engines! I have access to about 250 of them!



I create custom unique #HASHTAG reports for each unique clients based on their field and industry that they are in. I create a unique blend of hashtag words to create YOUR new searchable content.

More Effective Services

QR Codes


QR. Quick Response Codes were originally created to help track inventory parts for warehouses. They have not advanced to store ANY type of electronic data. Business Cards, website link, link to you tube, videos, images, posters, audio files. I think you get the picture! Very effective when you need to make use of prime real estate space and space is limited. Offer the link to more of your information. 

Google Adwords


The effectiveness of a Google Adword is that you get to target your audience more specifically. You tell Google to only market in your geographical location of your choice, to a certain age group, gender and according to your budget. Call to discuss your options.

Business Intelligence


Whether you are considering starting your business, are starting your business or have started your business, there is something here for you.

Business intelligence are the soft skills required to help take your business from Point A to Point B. 

Facilitated 1-on-1 sessions, or groups, or workshops, your choice.

There are multiple modalities and exercises to work with in my toolkit. I customize each session to your business needs where you are.


Language And Behaviour (LAB)

Did you ever wonder how clients choose you?

How are you magnetizing your clients?

Do you notice when you have "flowing" conversations.

Benefits of having a LAB profile conducted

The benefits of having a LAB profile conducted is that you will learn how to build rapport with your clients more, connect WITH your clients, engage their feedback, and communicate with effectiveness.

You will be able to then use this Effective Influential Language to optimize all your points of interaction.

- increase your bottom line.

- increase marketing effectiveness

- obtain higher client lead generation

- obtain higher staff retention

- obtain high client retention

- enhance customer service interaction

- Listen to your clients language and respond with a match

- Create more effective marketing materials

You Will Receive

The Owner of the business is the person who gets their profile conducted. We all know that information runs from Management down. So it is the LAB profile of the business owner that we need to conduct.

You will receive: 

- your personalized LAB Influential Language.

- Reference sheet that summarizes all your influential language to take with you everywhere.

- 2 hours of information sharing to learn how to use this.

- Detailed report explaining how each section works and is applied to this report.


Mind Mapping Your Way to Success

There is a very effective tool available called Mind Mapping. I wish I had learned this in high school when studying. It is a VERY effective way to file, sort and retrieve data. I use this every day in my business! Learn how in just 1 hour!


Business Consulting Report

If you are a business that is in need of knowing what to do for the next 5 year period, consider a Business Consulting Report.

This is a comprehensive roadmap for your business' success.

I review and analyze your industry/field, social media trends, what is currently working for your business, your clients, your branding, what you are currently saying, how and where you are saying it, and more in-depth analysis. How to engage with your clients differently, how to generate leads more efficiently, and other considerations for your unique business.

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