Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing since 2003!


I have had the pleasure of supporting businesses since 2003 with my marketing services.

I have enhanced my skillset and broadened my horizons and offer a full service of logo design, website design including domain name registration, business email account registration, uploading domain names onto search engines, meta tag keywords, hashtag reports, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing and more. Please view my page below to see if there is a fit of my services for your marketing needs!

Full Marketing Services


If you need marketing, then this is for you. I offer a wide range of marketing services. If you are just getting started, or have been in business a while, there is something here for you!

Email Marketing


Connect with and stay connected with your clients. Keep them informed of your business events, sales, specials and tips and techniques or how to.

Internet Marketing Services

Logo Design


Get your branding and marketing started with a very unique and custom designed logo.

No 2 logos the same!

Social Media


Happy to help communicate your business service or product online for you. I would create your business profile page on the appropriate social media platform that is best for your business, as well as send out daily posts/tweets, communications on your behalf. 

Banner Image Design


What is your message that you need to portray. Let my creativity design THE best graphic image for you!

These images can be used on your website, social media, posters, and more!

Search Engine Marketing


Have you let the search engines know that there is a new domain on the internet? Help your clients find your easier. I have access to about 250 search engines. 

Hashtag Reports


If you are using social media, consider adding the effective #HASHTAGS so that your content is searchable.

QR Codes


Be unique in your marketing. Especially where prime real estate space is limited. Make use of a QR Code to get your message out there. People simply scan the code with the QR Code reader and see all of your information!