Office Analysis


If you are in start up phase and you would like to ensure you have your systems and processes in place, we will provide a design and layout consultation to discuss proper flow for optimized production and efficiency.

We look at issues such as location of desks, filing cabinets, mail in/out baskets, email lists, to water coolers.

Basic traffic flow, to work flow, both hard copy and electronic to name a few.

Office analysis


Do you have all of your systems in place. Can you track where you are at in the system at any given time. 

Process Flow

Do you have a proper flow in your office?

Is everything running and operating smoothly? 

We evaluate and will optimize your processes for you to ensure enhanced productivity for all employees.


Is proper communication happening between all level of staff?

is everyone informed in a timely manner, what they need to know and when they need to know it?

Are you making use of all of your methods of communication?

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