Optimize All Your Points of Interaction

Optimize All your Points of Interaction


LAB = Language And Behaviour.

Did you ever wonder how your clients get attracted to you?

How some times, you have these great conversations with people and everything just "flows", and then sometimes it is slow and like you are "not on the same page".

Well, this has to do with your LAB profile.

When we know the language that our clients are speaking, we can build rapport with them, be on the same page, and yes, "close the sale".


If you want to be on the same page or same wavelength as your clients, this profile will do that for you. This will make  your conversations and interactions with your clients way more easeful.


If you want to really connect with your clients in a way that has meaning for you, you might want to consider a LAB profile report. 


Find out what your clients are really wanting. find out more about them, Where are they hanging out, what do they truly look for, what are their convincers that make them decide. Is it time, money, or something else? Find out the time frame of how often your clients choose something new. Or whether they are a "same old same old" type of client.

Based on this profile type, you can then make your marketing language to meet that.


Do you know what you are really saying to your clients.

Are you meeting their convincer language, or are you turning them away? It really does wind down to this.

Communicate what you do and how you do it and how you can support them using THEIR CONVINCER language that they relate to.

We all have a very unique profile.

There are 12 components in any profile. I have a set process that is tried and true and 100% accurate to find out what YOUR PROFILE is.

Then this is how you magnetize and attract your clients, based on YOUR profile language.

Each client is totally amazed at its accuracy.

If you would like to learn more information about this, and to get your LAB profile conducted, please contact me, I am happy to share.

This process will take you 10 minutes to answer a few questions, Then I will need the rest of the day to take your answers and turn it into YOUR unique report.

I then offer 2 hours of support calls to explain how this works and how you may then use this new LANGUAGING more effectively in all your marketing materials, with your clients, with your staff so they may also be more effective. Basically, at all points of interaction with your clients.

So if you are someone who is in need of obtaining, engaging, maintaining your clients and enhancing your bottom line, then this is for you.

I look forward to hearing from you so you can see how effective this really is.

Do you Want to Optimize all your points of interaction?

Did I mention this also works with family, co-workers, staff. 

Once you know your Points of Interaction, you can have a very meaningful conversation and relationship, with anyone!




Register for our Upcoming 1-Day Workshops

Optimize All of Your Points of Interaction


This 1 Day Workshop is for all who are involved in your business decisions, marketing materials, marketing services and client interaction, social media, customer service in any way including:

  • All business owners, 
  • Marketing staff, 
  • Social media staff
  • Communications staff, 
  • Administrative professionals 
  • Customer service reps


Participants learn to:

  • Increase your bottom line 
  • Increase marketing time and efficiency.
  • Obtain higher client lead generation
  • Obtain higher staff retention
  • Obtain higher client retention
  • Enhance customer service interaction
  • Listen to your clients language and respond with a match
  • Create more effective marketing materials based on your clients language profile.

Specific Content

Participants will learn how the L.A.B. (Language And Behaviour) Profile works. This includes convincers that we all have (your clients included), and how we make decisions.

How many times a person needs to see, read, hear or do something before they get convinced. This takes all of the `guess work`out of marketing.... oh yeah!

You will find out if your clients want lots of information, or a little bit of information, before they process it through their own internal criteria, and then make their decision. Are they internal or external decision makers and then use the appropriate language to have a meaningful conversation with them.

You will find if people like options, or procedures to do something, if they want to do things independently, or collaboratively.

And yes, all of these criteria have specific influential language that helps meet peoples convincers to help them decide to `purchase or not`.

How many times have you heard, ``No thanks, just looking.

Well, what if you could have a more meaningful conversation with them to turn it into ``Yes please, I would like to buy that!``

That is just part of what this workshop entails.

Stay tuned for upcoming weekend retreat workshops.

Applications of this

Applications are endless!

If you are a marketer, then you can use this influential language that is just your profile language to market to your unique clients,

You can use this in email marketing, social media, your website, brochures,

People use this in customer service rep,

telephone marketing, client service management and even job application ads. You will get way more aligned staff for the position.

Come see how easy this really is and EFFECTIVE!

Call Janice to register: 204-761-3680

or email: office@janicecyrenne.com

Contact Janice Cyrenne to Catalyze Your Points of Interaction

EVERY client has had so much traction and effectiveness with their LAB profiles and have increased their bottom line.

I would love to share more about it.

Are you ready to optimize all of your points of interaction, with family, friends, co-workers and yes, your clients.

If you are a business owner, marketing staff, social media staff, communications officers, administrative professionals or customer service reps, then this is for you.

Email me at:   office@janicecyrenne.com

Call:  (204) 761-3680

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