QR Codes



A QR Code is (Quick Response).

It is a digital image that can store digital information.

It was originally created in the automotive industry to store and track inventory.

Then it evolved from there!

Now a days, people are using it in a lot of innovative ways.

You can use it on t-shirts, bus benches, hats, promo items, posters, business cards and more.

You can print them on a clear sheets and put on your front storefront window.

You can place them on your floor in your store.

You can even paint them on your rooftop if you want!

Sky is the limit! Yes~

If you want to see what is programmed into a QR code, you would open up your smart phone,

open up the QR Reader app. (Free).

Point your phone camera lens at the code and it will automatically display the digital information!


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