Social Media Services



Sharing information on social media is one of my specialties.

I love sharing information and communicating what my clients are all about. What their uniqueness is, their innovation, benefits of their services and more.

I love to create and design some very unique banner images to go along with those creations.

I will work with my clients to create a social media statement about your business, service and create THE most appropriate image to go with it, 

Basically about 20 statements at least. So we can rotate through them.

I then share a link back to your website and viola. Communication success!

My packages are basically $50 for the month per venue.

Facebook, twitter, and linked in is the most professional network out there.

There are currently over 200 social media sites out there.

Lets discuss your marketing and social media needs.

I will also create with you what your #HASHTAGS should be. Lets create YOUR trend together.

Here are some creative banner image designs for my happy clients.

Social Media Options



I will work with you to create at lest 20 - 30 statements about what we can say to reflect your business services and or products that you offer. Each client has their preferred amount of collaboration they wish to part-take in. I will either start a list and get your input, or you can crate it for me, or we can both create it together.

Yes, options are endless. I will work with you to get this done.

Banner creation


I will then take those statements and make the most appropriate banner image to go along with it.



Based on this, I will also create a #HASHTAG list of possible trends that we want to create about your business service and or product. 

This makes it easy for your clients to find you. 

Your content is now searchable.

Lets make it easy for your clients to find you.

WHAT platforms


Well, there literally are 200 social media platforms options out there today.

Most common are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, InstaGram and Pinterest.

Share the big news - BRANDING STYLE


What to share.

Content is everything.

Upcoming news, events, products, what is innovative about your business, problems you are solving, and more.

I will conduct a mini branding session with those clients who find value in this.

LAB profile


I would also recommend a LAB profile to really enhance your effectiveness in your social media and can be used on all your marketing materials.

Contact Janice Cyrenne

If you are in need of social media banner image creations and campaign management, I would love to design unique and custom created banner Images, 

I would love to hear from you so that we can co-create the most appropriate social media campaigns that your business needs.

Co-creating is the most effective way.

Email me at:

Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing

11 Hoop's Loop, Shilo, Manitoba, Canada

(204) 761-3680