Janice Cyrenne Virtual Office

Virtual Office Services


If you require Office Admin support, I support business with typing, reports, forms, letters, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheeting, data entry, invoicing your clients to name a few of the most popular services. .

If you require some letterhead or envelope creation I offer this service. I can create this so you can use this as needed and simply type into it, or I can also print you letterhead that you can insert into your printer as needed.

Sky is the limit on how organized we can be!

Virtual Office Services

Data Entry


Offering 100 words per minute, my client values the time saving that I provide for them. Typing letters, reports and more.  Data Entry is what I love!



If you require speadsheeting in Excel, I specialize in data entry and spreadsheets, graphs and charts. If you require trends and data analysis and reports, I can help.

Resume Services


Do you require a new or an update on your resume. I would love to help promote your skillset and design that right look and feel for your resume!

PowerPoint Presentations


I would love to create your next Powerpoint presentation to help promote and market your information for your next meeting!

Templates and Forms


Do you require templates or forms such as letterhead to type into, envelopes, invoices, Purchase Orders, inventory sheets or more. I create customized forms and templates.

Business Card Design and Print


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Business Start Up Support

Home Based Businesses


I have packages to support Home Based Businesses. Contract out what you need, when you need it! Let me BE YOUR OFFICE!

Small Businesses


Do you find that your are constantly doing OT to get the paperwork done? Contract out for those special projects, eliminate overtime and enhance morale. Contract out what you need, when you need it!



Are you a realtor who requires support with the paperwork. I create and maintain your client lists, email lists, doing your books, filing and more. Call to discuss your options. Get more time back in your day!

More Effective Virtual Office Services

Office Analysis Service


Are you finding that your office could be communicating better, a little more efficient, need to find documents easier; consider an Office Analysis. I look at all systems and processes and see what needs to be enhanced.



What its Quickbooks or simply using Excel, I send out invoices on your behalf! Ensure the paperwork is done so you can do more of what you love to do!

Independent Financial Brokers


Are you an Independent Financial Broker who does not want to hire a full time office admin? Simply contract out what you need, when you need it. Reports, letters, emails and more.... Call to discuss your options!