Virtual Office

Are you a business that is just starting out? Do you require office admin support? Instead of hiring a full time office admin, have you considered contracting out what you need when you need it.

I support home based and small businesses with their typing, reports, filing, emailing, email marketing, distribution lists, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Data Management


If you require spreadsheeting, charting, graphing, or any type of data management, I love to support you with this.

I use Excel as most clients have this software on their computer, I create spreadsheets and do your data entry for you.

I type 100 words per minute and clients find this of value.

Virtual Office


Well, the good old phones are hard to find these days, with modern day cell phones. I find ways to blend the old with the new and help businesses be more efficient and effective in what they do.

I offer very unique, innovative virtual office services.

If you require bookkeeping, typing, letters, reports, PowerPoint presentations, or scheduling of your appointments, I am here to support you in your business.


LETTERS - Data entry


Are you a home based or small business that does not have a full time office admin, I am here to help. I type letters, reports and help with filing.

Any data entry requirements?

I type 100 words per minute and was the First Certified Professional Secretary in Brandon in 1996.

PowerPoint Presentation


If you require a PowerPoint presentation for your next presentation, we create very stunning presentations?

Did you know you can very easily convert these into video?

Upload them onto YOU TUBE?

Forms / Templates

If you require any office forms we are here to help.

Templates make it easier to gather consistent information on an ongoing basis.

Client Lists


Do you have your client lists in one location?

Make use of client lists for mail outs, and email marketing.

We can help!

Eliminate OT


Outsource your office admin.

If you find you are constantly putting in overtime, consider outsourcing.

You will achieve and maintain higher productivity and eliminate stress leave.


Consider an office efficiency analysis.

Get more organized, find documents easier, and communicate better.