Unique, Custom and Never 2 the same Workhsops

Sharing Information is my passion!

I had started facilitating workshops many years ago and then got busy performing Marketing Services.

So now, I get to do both. How great is that.

I have now built upon all my years of experience and have an even greater toolkit with all these wonderful workshop ideas and content in it!

So I am now taking registrations for all workshops.

More are being added regularly, so please do check back.


If you have a specific topic you would like, I would be happy to consider that and if required, I do travel to companies and facilitate customized workshops at your location!

Groups and companies

If you are a company or organization that would benefit from a personalized and customized workshop, I am happy to discuss your needs.

Just call me to discuss 204.761.3680

Delightfully Creating Workshops

wealth, prosperity, abundance (magnetizing more abundance)


In this workshop we look at fun ways to magnetize more abundance, whether it be health, money, healthier relationships. Whatever it is you want in life, you get to create it.

Basically, creating mindfulness about money and more.

I do this in a very fun way!

how we motivate ourselves


Once we learn this very easeful technique, you can motivate yourself to do anything in your life that you want.

mind mapping


This tool is one that I wish I had learned in high school. 

It is a great tool that allows you to store and access information WAY easier.

I use this in my day, all the time! I create my yearly intentions based on this, and all of my daily, weekly and monthly schedules and more.

We go over multiple applications.


how to effectively brand your business


Branding your business is what I do in a very unique way.

I value working with clients who are interested and ready to venture on a new way of doing this.

Each client is always amazes and inspired by these unique tools that I use to get at the information.

They are WAY more effective in knowing what to say about their business and how to market.



How we communicate.

This says it all!

Learn how we communicate and how we can be more effective at it.

55% Body Language

38% Voice tone

7% Words.

Yes only 7% are the actual words we use.

Interesting right?

my relationship with money


In this fun workshop, we look at our relationship with money.

Yes, may sound funny, and this makes a difference.

Change a few beliefs, focus on what you want, and together we can manifest more abundance!


The Art of Allowing

Course Content

In this one day workshop, We learn the art and science behind allowing and being willing to receive and be blessed.

We identify and work with our beliefs about what prosperity and abundance means and remove any blockages so that we are ready, willing and able to receive.

If you can dream it, you can have it!


The Art of Feng Shui - Western Style

A 2000 Old Ancient Chinese Art of Placement

Learn the Ancient Art of Feng Shui.

The Chinese have been using this magnificent art of placement for over 2000 years now.

Participants will learn how to enhance their property, home, room, to create more abundance and flow, romance in their life.

There are many ways to enhance your life, and you also learn the 5 elements that we work with and learn how to bring more harmony into your life.