Engaged. Inspired. Ignited.

Move forward in your business 

in a way that has meaning for you.

Engaged. Inspired. Ignited.

Move forward in your business 

in a way that has meaning for you.

About Us

Business Intelligence


We offer depth and breadth of how to do business. Where to start, what to say, how to brand, where to market.

We help you identify, connect with, and prioritize that which has meaning to you.

We offer customized and personalized sessions to help you start your business and move forward in a way that has meaning for you. 

We work with you to identify who your ideal clients really are and how to market, engage and inspire them effectively.

Our clients value their customized and personalized sessions as they can then start their business in a very concrete way. 

They create a solid foundation for their business to help them move forward with direction, purpose, focus and clarity.

Our sessions are a culmination of business intelligence, science, counselling, branding and marketing and good old fashion human nature.


Ever since I started running my own business over 18 years ago, I realized that what I had been learning for myself is 

how to be in relationship with my ``Self`` and my clients in a way that had meaning. 

 Now, after collecting and building upon all of my learnings, lessons and experiences along the way, 

I now get to share my passion by helping others. 


My techniques, modals and exercises are created in a way that my process will now inspire others to empower themselves in business.

Why Business Intelligence Sessions


 Business mentors are key. I valued having my business coaches to help me get started in business. Having that support along the way gave me the extra affirmation, confidence and support that I needed to start my business and stay in business over all of these years.


So, if you are someone who is deciding to start their own business, or has started their own business and needs some extra support, guidance, mentoring, options, or solutions, then I would love to help support you along the way. We work on core foundational pieces for starting and conducting business, to branding, marketing and leveraging your business.


Call to discuss your options. If there is a fit for where you are and where you want to be to that of our services, then I look forward to being of service to you and your business intelligence needs.

Customized Sessions



I have found more value in working 1-on-1 with clients over the years.

I like to personalize and customize my sessions with my clients to where they are at and what they individually need each time they come see me.

After all, business is fluid and I like to be abstract and with each of my clients each time they come for a sessions.

I have a wide variety of tools, techniques, modalities, and exercises that I have gathered over the years and have all done myself. 


That way I know they work. 


I will customize each of my business sessions with EVERY client each time. No 2 sessions are alike. The sky is the limit and I like to provide options for my clients. 

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