Specializing in helping Home Based and
Small Businesses get started

With our Virtual Office Services!

Specializing in helping Home Based and
Small Businesses get started

With our Virtual Office Services!

About Us

Start Up Services

We work with new businesses who are either home based or small businesses that are in the start up phase.

We provide logo design, letterhead, envelopes, invoice templates, fuel log tracking, client testimonials, and more in order to get your business started.


  •  Client databases, 
  • Email marketing sign up
  • Spreadsheeting
  • Tracking and entering your business expenses
  • Form creation
  • Agendas,
  • Minutes
  • Safety meetings
  • Reports
  • Templates for data entry

Banner Design

We also pride ourselves in our creativity.

If you require banner image designs for email marketing, website, social media, and more, we will create branded banner images for your marketing needs.

Office Analysis

Is your office running efficiently? Do you have frustration signals?

If you find that there are frustrations in your office where you are not as productive as you know you can be, not being able to communicate within your organization to all levels, or simply can not find the files and paperwork that you need in a timely manner, there are very easy adjustments that can be made in order to save you time and money.

Let us help you get back to that HAPPY PLACE!

Office Analysis

We work with home based businesses and small businesses to help you get more organized and more time back in your day.

Find the files that you need!

If you are finding that there are multiple piles of paper on your desk, and you don't know how it got there, we can help get your more organized!

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Contact Janice Cyrenne Virtual Office

We would love to hear more about your unique business and your start up requirements.

Our clients do not want to hire a full time office admin, and by contracting out what they need, when they need it, we help them save money and get more time back in their day.

We look forward to being of service to YOUR business needs!

Janice Cyrenne Virtual Office

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